There are about 1,000 different kinds of bats, which comprise nearly one-quarter of all mammal species worldwide.


They vary in size from only slightly more than 2 grams to more than 2 pounds. The largest bats are called flying foxes and have a wing span up to 6 feet. Flying foxes live in southern Africa, India, islands of the South Pacific and northern Australia.

The largest bat in Missouri, the hoary bat, has a wing span up to 16 inches. Missouri bats range in size from 2 grams (1/10 ounce) to 42 grams (1 ounce).

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. They are also among the only mammals known to feed on blood. Common misconceptions and fears about bats have led many people to regard the creatures as unclean disease carriers, but bats are actually very helpful in controlling the population of crop-destroying insects.





Zambia boasts one of the greatest bat Migrations from October to December each year, where more than 10 million straw colored fruit bats descend into a tiny patch of evergreen swamp forest inside Kasanka National Park, Northern Zambia.


This natural phenomenon, unique only to Kasanka lends itself to some truly astonishing bird life sightings set against a backdrop of incredible scenic surrounds and dramatic skies.

Witness this amazing marvel this coming October – December you  won’t regret it!

Visit Kasanka in Zambia during the bat migration season!